About Us

FORT Exchange is a business-to-business platform that efficiently connects buyers and sellers. The system offers product from many different kinds of sellers, including producers, manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, and brokers.

FORT Systems is a San Francisco Bay Area IT company, focused on streamlining logistics for various industries, including beverage alcohol and others. Initially conceived by the founders in 1999 as an efficient delivery network for wine gifts, the FORT platform has evolved organically, and offers solutions for the real problems that plague key components of several industries, in addition to solutions that help make shipping easier to manage for any company.

The platform integrates and enables key business tiers, including warehouses, couriers, producers, wholesalers, brokers, retailers, marketers, and consumers. The FORT platform also helps streamline shipping and order management functions for manufacturers, loyalty companies, and other retailers and drop-shippers. FORT Systems clients include small start-ups and family-owned businesses, mid-size companies as well as major corporations.